Our 100% pure Merino wool is spun in the Italian Alps from fleeces sheared from superior bred flocks in Patagonia, Argentina.

The merino sheep is prized for the quality of its wool. Super fine merinos are regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any sheep. The beauty of the fibre itself is evident in intense, cold weather or high performance applications, where merino distinguishes itself from cotton and polyester fabrics by offering superior breathability, temperature regulation, moisture control, and inherent anti-microbial properties. Unlike "traditional" wool, merino is much finer, softer and (perhaps best of all) itch-free for all but those with severe sensitivities or lanolin allergies.

Our amazing 100% lambswool is spun in the UK from fleeces sheared in the highly renowned area of Geelong, Australia.

Geelong lambswool is the finest snow white merino lambswool. It is even in length and soft and springy to handle; and it is these luxurious qualities that make Geelong lambswool so desirable. The Australian merino sheep which produce this fibre have been carefully bred over the years to ensure that their young yield the finest micron lambswool in the world. Although each farm can produce tons of raw wool each year, only very few bales will be pure Geelong, hence why it is such an exclusive commodity, ranking among the most luxurious of natural fibres.